August 2023
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Buying & Selling Myths
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If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, you likely have some idea of what the process looks like. But everyone’s real estate experience is different, so you can’t always believe everything you hear. Here are some of the most common myths about buying and selling a home.

debunking the myths

Myth: I Need to Make a 20% Down Payment
A 20% down payment is not required to qualify for a home loan. While making a down payment of 20% or more allows you to avoid buying private mortgage insurance and lower your monthly payment, you can qualify for a loan with a down payment that's as low as 3-5%. You'll then pay for private mortgage insurance until you've reached 20% equity in your home.

Myth: I Can List My Home Without a Realtor
Selling your home without a realtor is possible, but only licensed real estate agents can list properties on the MLS. The MLS supplies listing data to all home search websites, so not being listed means not being searchable by the majority of buyers. Selling your home without a realtor also puts you at risk of pricing the home too high or losing money in negotiations. An experienced realtor will guide you through every step of the home-selling process and help you maximize your sale.

Myth: I Don't Need to Make Improvements to My Home Before Selling
Among the most commonly held beliefs is that a home can be sold without making any substantive improvements. Even though this can technically be true, an increasing number of buyers are avoiding purchasing homes that require significant money and work. Because of how high current interest rates are, buyers are already making a large investment and aren’t looking to spend additional money and effort on upgrades. If you want to position your home as a more appealing property, complete some basic improvements and renovations before listing it.

Myth: It's Better to Price My Home Too High
Among the worst mistakes you can make is listing your home at a price well above what it's worth. In fact, making this mistake can cause your home to lose its appeal even after you drop the price. Buyers generally have a budget in mind when purchasing a home, so if your price exceeds that limit, your property is likely to be overlooked. Subsequent reductions in price may indicate to potential buyers that there are underlying issues with the property. Bottomline, if you price your home correctly, you will attract more buyers, and you should be able to sell it faster.

These are just a few common myths to consider when thinking about what you need to buy or sell a home.
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First Impressions Matter – Get Your Home Market Ready


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The worst thing buyers can do presently is wait to see if rates dip.

Summer of 2023 - Market Update with Mark Sprague -
State Director of Information Capital Independence Title
The market had hoped that moderating inflation would have a positive impact on rates by the middle of this year. Not going to happen. Not happening for the rest of the year.

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How To Create the Perfect Home Office
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The shift to remote work that began during the pandemic, for many, has become permanent. Currently, 27% of U.S. employees work from home. Yet, many of us are still rocking our ad hoc home office setups. It’s time to leave the lockdown vibes behind. Here are some helpful tips on how to create a comfortable and productive home office.

bright home office Upgrade Your Chair
The most important component of your home office is your chair. You spend at least half of your day sitting on it, which is why it's worth it to invest in something with good ergonomic design and comfort. Even if you already have a decent chair, consider adding cushions, headrests, etc., that will improve your posture and reduce strain and discomfort on your body.

Consider an Additional Monitor
Depending on your job requirements, having a second monitor in your home office can be highly advantageous. An extra monitor does take up more space, but it makes it easier to multitask and perform jobs that involve writing, researching, coding, and designing. The best option is to purchase the same model as your current screen, which ensures an identical viewing experience and fidelity.

Upgrade Your Internet
A reliable internet connection is crucial to working from home. If you have spotty service or you find yourself freezing on important meetings and calls, you can’t be productive. Consider upgrading your old router, upgrading to a faster internet package, or even changing internet service providers. You may also be able to ask your company if they provide reimbursement for home internet costs.

Get the Essentials
You probably have the basics – pens, notepads, etc., but think about other tools you had in an office that made your job easier. Things like a printer, scanner, detached keyboard, whiteboard, standing desk, filing cabinet, etc. Make a list and begin to chip away at it.

Get the Non-Essentials
If you have some budget left after buying everything you need, you can add some nice finishing touches to your space. Things like furniture, rugs, shelving, and other nice-to-have items that will create a better atmosphere but aren’t essential to do your job.

Give it a Mood
You spend a lot of time there, so make your home office a place you enjoy going to every day. Add artwork, plants, and light fixtures that make you feel energized, relaxed, or focused. Make the space inviting, comfortable, and organized. It will improve your mood and may improve your productivity as well.

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